Get Out and Play!
July 26, 2017
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Wait--it's the end of July already?  One more month or less until the kids go back to school?  Let's get out and play!

According to research, free play can improve children's cognitive, emotional and physical well-being.  Play as a family is also very important for family bonding.  And from more research, the more outdoor play/exposure to nature that we have, the better the effect that nature has on us to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Remember outdoor play?  Climbing trees and onto rocks, jumping in puddles and making mud pies, picking grass or wildflowers, laying down and making shapes out of the clouds--not so common anymore in our over-scheduled lives and the very over-scheduled lives of our children.

So get out to the yard, the park, or the beach.  Go for a family walk.  Play hopscotch.  Collect some rocks or acorns.  Start a game of Tag, Red Rover, or Ghost in the Graveyard. PLAY!!